Empowering Medical Practices and Small Businesses With the Resources That Drive Financial Success
We Make it Our Mission to Boost Your Financial Health.
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Bookkeeping and Financial Consulting Services Customized to Support Your Medical Practice
We're not just about balancing books; we're about balancing lives.
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Personal Money Coaching to Help Business Owners Eradicate Debt, Build Wealth, and Embrace Generosity
Conquer your money fears with a plan, purpose, and passion.
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E-Learning Programs to Facilitate Both Personal and Professional Financial Health
DIY training materials, videos, workbooks and more.
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Uncover the Financial Pulse of Your Business

Discover the financial strengths and hidden opportunities within your company.

By taking our FREE Financial Health Quiz, you gain insights that can transform your business. Receive your score instantly, and pave the way for a healthier, more prosperous future.

Three Distinct Ways We Serve You

All-encompassing financial solutions for both you and your business.


Bookkeeping and financial consulting customized to support medical practices with proven practice management techniques.

Money Coaching

Personal money coaching for the small business owner to help the owner eradicate debt, save, build wealth, and embrace generosity.


DIY training materials, videos, and workbooks. Our e-learning programs facilitate personal and professional financial health.


Added Impact's Difference Factor

At Added Impact, we’re not just about balancing books; we’re about balancing lives. With a deep understanding of the medical practice industry and a wholeheartedly U.S.-based team, we’re your advocates for financial success.

We provide holistic financial solutions that encompass your business and personal life, offering expert bookkeeping, financial consulting, and personal money coaching. Our mission is to make the business owner’s life easier, creating a ripple effect that transforms employees, families, and communities for the better.

Amanda Prill – Founder/Owner


Words of Praise from Our Valued Clients

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